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2017SSW010 DA - Mixed Use Development
Panel Reference: 2017SSW010 DA
Type of Matter: Development Application
Planning Panel: Sydney Western City Planning Panel
LGA: Liverpool City Council
DA Number: DA-1257/2016
Project Title: Mixed Use Development
Project Description: Staged development application pursuant to Section 83B of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act.
This application is for a Stage 1 masterplan approval for a mixed use development and seeks approval for site layout, location of future buildings, vehicular access from Macquarie Street, maximum building envelopes including setbacks and height, maximum gross floor area (GFA) across the site and location and maximum number of car spaces.
Liverpool City Council is the consent authority and the Sydney South West Planning Panel has the function of determining the application.
Address/Location: 149-151 Terminus Street Liverpool
DA Lodgement Date: 21-Dec-2016
Status: Completed
Type of Development: Capital Investment Value > $20M and lodged before 1 March 2018
Date DA Registered with Secretariat: 10-Feb-2017
Capital Investment Value: $30,000,000
Date of Determination: 28-Jun-2019
Determination: Approved
Please contact Council for all enquiries until panel meeting is scheduled
Panel meetings
No upcoming meetings found for this project.
DescriptionDate UploadedDocument Size
Conditions of consent 02-Jul-2019 125kb
Panel declaration 02-Jul-2019 208kb
Panel decision 02-Jul-2019 288kb
Approved building envelope plan 18-Jun-2019 12275kb
Unit mix and parking rate plan 18-Jun-2019 46kb
Master Plan Clarification 18-Jun-2019 1355kb
Masterplan report 18-Jun-2019 6790kb
DEP minutes 18-Jun-2019 1034kb
Recommended conditions of consent 18-Jun-2019 121kb
RMS Comments 18-Jun-2019 319kb
Listen to the audio for the Sydney Western City Planning Panel – Liverpool_2018WCI002_2019WCI010_2017SSW034_2017SSW010_28 June 2019 https://soundcloud.com/user-645092504/20190628-2019wci010-2018wci002-2017ssw010-2017ssw034-liverpool