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2019CCI007 DA - Bulk earthworks to an existing cemetery
Panel Reference: 2019CCI007 DA
Type of Matter: Development Application
Planning Panel: Sydney Central City Planning Panel
LGA: Blacktown City Council
DA Number: SPP-18-01557
Project Title: Bulk earthworks to an existing cemetery
Project Description: Stage 1A expansion of St Bartholomew's cemetery including additional grave sites, columbarium walls, new internal service road, car parking areas, associated fill, civil works and landscaping.
Address/Location: Lot 1 DP 325874, Lot 21 DP 135886, Lots 221 & 224 of DP 812455, Ponds Road, PROSPECT
DA Lodgement Date: 21-Dec-2018
Status: Completed
Type of Development: CIV > $5M - Council interest
Date DA Registered with Secretariat: 09-Jan-2019
Capital Investment Value: $5,997,200
Date of Determination: 27-Jun-2019
Determination: Approved
Please contact Council for all enquiries until panel meeting is scheduled
Panel meetings
No upcoming meetings found for this project.
DescriptionDate UploadedDocument Size
Panel declaration 02-Jul-2019 154kb
Panel decision 02-Jul-2019 234kb
Development application plans 11-Jun-2019 934kb
Draft conditions of consent 11-Jun-2019 392kb
Issues raised by the public 11-Jun-2019 147kb
Assessment against planning controls 11-Jun-2019 202kb
Detailed information about proposal and DA submission material 11-Jun-2019 984kb
Zoning extract 11-Jun-2019 451kb
Aerial image 11-Jun-2019 312kb
Location map 11-Jun-2019 327kb
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