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2019NTH012 DA - Section 4.55 (2): New Commercial Bldg (retail/wholesale trade)
Panel Reference: 2019NTH012 DA
Type of Matter: Development Application
Planning Panel: Northern Regional Planning Panel
LGA: Ballina Shire Council
DA Number: 2017/447
Project Title: Section 4.55 (2): New Commercial Bldg (retail/wholesale trade)
Project Description: Erection of a Neighbourhood Shopping Centre, involving a Supermarket (Woolworths) and Speciality Shops, Associated Car Parking and Other Infrastructure Servicing, Earthworks, Signage and Landscaping within the EPIQ Estate at Lennox Head
Address/Location: Lot 1 DP 1239938, 5 Snapper Drive, Lennox Head
DA Lodgement Date: 27-Mar-2019
Status: Completed
Type of Development: S4.55(2) Modification Application
Date DA Registered with Secretariat: 09-Apr-2019
Capital Investment Value: 0
Date of Determination: 20-Jun-2019
Determination: Approved
Please contact Council for all enquiries until panel meeting is scheduled
Panel meetings
No upcoming meetings found for this project.
Listen to audio recording of Northern Regional Planning Panel – Ballina Shire Council – 2019NTH012 – 20 June 2019 https://soundcloud.com/user-645092504/northern-regional-planning-panel-ballina-shire-council-2019nth012-20-june-2019